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What to do in Gap Year

Asked 5 years ago by Guest (120 points)

I am currently completing a joint bs/mph degree at a state flagship school. I will be taking the June MCAT and applying for matriculation in med school in Fall 2017. What is the best way to utilize my gap year? Should I be a scribe? Do something related to public health? Do medical research or try to get more clinical experience. What do the adcoms want to see?

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Answered 5 years ago by casedentalmed (10100 points)

Admissions committees want to see someone who performs at his/her best in doing something he/she is passionate about.  Assuming there is no real issue with grades, then the question is what would the gap year activities do to deepen that passion and understanding.  Scribing is a great opportunity, as is doing biomedical research or additional focused work in clinical settings.  Don't make it look like you're doing something just to get into medical school, and so the effort you invest in the activity is minimal or short-lived.

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