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C- in general chem what to do?

Asked 2 years ago by Guest (120 points)

I initially was on the verge of getting a D in gen chem so my professor advised me  to take the F freshman fall semester this way i could retake the class at my school and it would not be accounted for in my gpa but it would be on my transcript. So i did just that, retook it in the spring and ended up with an awful professor who failed most of the class and I unfortunately ended with a C-.

my next question is, now being a senior in undergrad realizing how awful this must look on my application how should i go about this? do i retake gen chem 1 at a different university to balance out the C-. Are dental schools averaging out the F and the C- already or just looking at the C-?

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Answered 2 years ago by free99 (500 points)

AADSAS does not use grade replacement, therefore both grades will be factored into your overall, science, and Bio/Chem/Physics GPA. I think whether you retake this course for a second time or just let it be depends on how your other grades are. If your grades otherwise are very strong (ie, mostly As) then I don't think these F/C- alone will be enough to disqualify you from consideration. If the F/C- is accompanied by a whole slew of mediocre grades (Bs and Cs) then I think you may want to do any/all of the following:

1. Crush the DAT (22AA+)
2. Enroll and excel in an SMP
3. Get a lot of relevant work experience to boost your application
4. Consider an alternative profession

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