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Dismissed from optometry school...going to appeal

Asked 2 years ago by Guest (120 points)

Hello, I hope you can take the time out to read about my situation and offer some advice (particularly if you have been in a similar situation and what you did to move forward).

I recently graduated in May 2018 with a B.S. in neuroscience and a minor in psychology. I then started optometry school in August 2018. Unfortunately, this semester has been tough for me, and my transition into optometry school was not the best. Initially, I was only worried about 2 classes, and was going to accept the fact that I was going to repeat these courses. Then, finals week rolled around...I got overwhelmed and didn't properly prepare well for all of my finals so it did not go well causing my final grades to go down. To be honest, I'm so sad and disappointed in myself right now. I have already written my appeal, but I will have to wait until March of 2019 for the academic review committee to decide whether they will reinstate me or not (there will be an interview with them). In the meantime, I plan on proving to myself and my school that I am capable of being in the program. I will audit the spring semester courses that I had previously enrolled in. I will take a vision science course that covers the foundations of optometry and probably take a physiology course to get a better foundation. I will start over again with the first semester material on my own. I am also planning on finding a part-time job working for an optometrist. I take full responsibility for my poor grades, and I have already went into detail explaining my situation in my appeal letter. I think everyone deserves second chance, and all I want right now is a second chance to prove myself :( I wouldn't choose to go through 4 more years of school if I didn't want to pursue this career :(

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