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Can you get away without showing all the transcripts in the medical school application?

Asked 1 year ago by Guest (120 points)

So my story goes like this:
I completed my associates degree in Biology through a program in High school called Running Start, where I attained college credits during high school. I got a 3.41 GPA and a 2.9 Science GPA. Once I graduated from High school with my diploma and Associates degree, I went to a 4 year institution, WSU - Pullman campus. My first semester was terrible, got an F in organic chemistry, a C in Genetics and A- in General Physics, (Phy 101). Knowing that Medical schools average out GPA in the medical school application, how would medical schools know if I just started fresh from another university next semester and retook the same classes and got a better GPA? And I would pretend nothing happened, and finish the rest of my degree over at the new University. And I would send my community college transcripts and the new University i went to start fresh from. Yes, I take Financial aid from every where I went. But would I have to write down that I took classes at WSU for one semester? What if I dont report and just started fresh at a newer university?

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Answered 1 year ago by tantacles (24580 points)

You are required to show your transcript for every undergraduate institution you attended. Medical schools use a service to determine if you have submitted all transcripts, so if you were not to submit this transcript, it is likely that no medical school would interview you as they would see that you had omitted a transcript.

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