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MD chances... DO?

Asked 1 year ago by Guest (140 points)

Hi All,

I am posting just out of curiosity... I am a first generation student with plans on attending MD/DO school. Currently I am just finishing up my fall semester of my junior year with a sci gpa of 3.54 and an overall gpa of 3.46. With 2 pre reqs to take ( Physics I and Calc), as well as numerous sci classes to fulfill my major for my spring semester and senior year  (Bio emphasis on A&P/Minor in chem)  what are my chances pending a decent MCAT score (taking this summer) on getting into a mid- lower tier MD school or decent DO school? I should also point out that I have 100+ hours of community service, 100+  clinical research hrs  in the ED, multiple leadership experiences, and 20+ hrs of shadowing currently.

Side not question- Does being a dual national effect my chances?

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Answered 1 year ago by tantacles (24580 points)

If you get a good MCAT score, you have a good chance of admission. My suggestion is that you purchase the MSAR and take a look at GPA and MCAT averages for many schools and try to target those schools (excluding state schools where few out of state students are accepted).  My biggest suggestion is that you do your absolute best for the MCAT and not take it until you are truly ready to do well; that may mean taking a gap year so that you have time to study.

Being a dual national typically does not affect the chance of getting into medical school.

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