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How to prepare for NBME? Short on time 3 weeks!

Asked 1 year ago by Guest (120 points)


I'm a Caribbean med student. I need some help how to prepare for the NBME CBSE. This is my last chance to give it and I need to score 70 or higher.  My first NBME was equal to step 1 score 187. After that I scheduled for a second time but I was not able to go and my school counted as second  chance.  So I have only 1 chance more in 3 weeks.

I have Pathoma 6 month subscription, UWorld, and First Aid.

Is there anything I can to pass this time. Otherwise I will have repeat semester at the island.  

Also what can I use for Microbiology n Immunology?  

I need help please I am freaking out.

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Answered 1 year ago by MusicDOc124 (180 points)

For Micro you can use sketchy micro from sketchy medical.  That seems to be relatively standard, and it is what I used as well.  With that said, don't go into resource overload.  That can be detrimental.

I recommend looking into a single, more comprehensive program.  I know people who have used DIT for instance, which worked great for them.  3 weeks is a crunch, but I know people who used it for 2-4 weeks and were fine.  This would ensure you're covering all topics needed to be covered in a single program instead of spreading yourself thin across many resources and maybe missing information.  Programs like that or boards bootcamp (meant for DO students in particular) cover all of the required topics/tested topics.  They are expensive though.

I also recommend it because when I mention the 2-4 weeks above, that was for time until actual boards.  If you were to start now, it may be only 3 weeks until the NBME CBSE, but youd have more time beyond that to prep for boards.

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