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How to prepare for NBME? Short on time 3 weeks!

Asked 1 month ago by Guest (120 points)


I'm a Caribbean med student. I need some help how to prepare for the NBME CBSE. This is my last chance to give it and I need to score 70 or higher.  My first NBME was equal to step 1 score 187. After that I scheduled for a second time but I was not able to go and my school counted as second  chance.  So I have only 1 chance more in 3 weeks.

I have Pathoma 6 month subscription, UWorld, and First Aid.

Is there anything I can to pass this time. Otherwise I will have repeat semester at the island.  

Also what can I use for Microbiology n Immunology?  

I need help please I am freaking out.

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