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If I get my Associates in high school via Dual enrollment. Can I still get into med school?

Asked 5 months ago by Guest (120 points)

My high school offers dual enrollment courses that I could take at the community college and earn my AA. Once I do that I can “transfer” to a university and start off as a junior. If I complete some pre-req courses at the community college instead of university will med schools accept the credits? Or see me as a weak candidate.

I’m also concerned about the MCAT and all my clinical experience in undergrad. Because I’ll be started as a junior... I’ll have to take the MCAT that year and will only have basically 1 year to complete clinical experience.

Anything will help! Thank you.

// Answers //

Answered 5 months ago by Pathdocmd (3060 points)

Community college credit is handled differently from school to school. It should not hurt you. Yes, not having as much time as a person that did a more traditional college route gives you less time to get clinical experience. For most medical schools, clinical experience  is quality over quantity. Also, there is no rush to get into medical school. You will be doing medicine for the rest of your life. You might want to take some time and do something else after graduation.

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