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What are my chances at getting into UCSF, USC, or UCSD Pharmacy school? I'm a junior currently with a ~3.1 GPA (although I'm striving to raise my GPA higher of course), I have a lot of leadership involvement and hold positions with multiple clubs, volunteer work with health clinics/community service, I've volunteered at a hospital for about 2 years my junior-senior year of high school, looking into getting my pharm tech license soon so I can work as a pharm tech (since I hear that's highly encouraged), I just started research this past summer (via an internship) but I'm looking to continue it at my school for the next two years at different laboratories, already will be picking up another summer internship for research again, I even presented my research at a few science conferences this year and look to present more research I'm involved with at future conferences, I may even have my name published in a couple publications by the end of my undergrad, and I'm already studying for my PCAT. I see that some of the cali schools dont require a PCAT, but if my GPA wasn't at its' highest (let's say ~3.3 or 3.4) and I had a high PCAT score, would that be something considered? I would actually really love to go to UCSD but looking at the admission stats hasn't been very encouraging in terms of GPA, and seeing they only accept about 60 applicants per year. Are there any other tips out there?

Asked 2 years ago by Guest (120 points)

I want to see my chances of getting into pharmacy schools.

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