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What should I do based on my current stats?

Asked 5 months ago by Guest (120 points)

Hello SDN community,

I am going to be taking a gap year applying to dental school. However, I want to know what I should do in the future based on my stats.

oGPA: 3.52
BCP GPA: 3.33
AA DAT: 24, nothing below a 20
Sci DAT: 24; nothing below a 20
100+ hours of shadowing general and pediatric dentist
1000+ hours of volunteering
Varying hours of research, did participate in clubs
Dropped one class, W

I'm mostly worried about my gpas and as a senior it's too late to improve it too significantly. I had a really bad sophomore year that ruined my gpa. If that sophmore year was removed my gpas would be significantly higher but that's life. I'm pretty sure I'll get into a dental school but I have high ambitions and want to get into my dream school which demand higher gpas. I rather not take a master's program because I'm a financial aid student and cannot afford it probably. I know most masters programs do not give out aid anyway.

Any thoughts and opinions are welcome, and thank you for your time!

// Answers //

Answered 5 months ago by Mr.Smile12 (11380 points)

It's hard to tell without a complete view of your transcript and any geographic advantages you have for in-state consideration.  On face value it doesn't appear that you are that far off from a solid application that could result in interviews at the right places.  So if anything, I would network with current dental students and admissions staff over the next year, get your evaluation letters all lined up, and submit an early application next cycle.

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