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I am physiotherapist from india wanted to know if there are any scholarships as i wanted to do transitional DPT program in USA.

Asked 5 months ago by Guest (120 points)

I am in my 4rth year doing my BPTh. I am a little confused as to what path should I use. I was told the following:
        Apply for Physical.Therapy.Assistant program as its easier, cheaper and does not need GRE/TOEFL-->work for 1 year as a PTA and earn money-->go for transitional D.P.T OR
        Apply for FCCPT (credential evaluation), Appear for CLEP exam (deficit equivalency), appear for state license exam and practice as a B.P.Th. In this scenario, can I work as BPTH?
        Other than FCCPT (is COMMIT legitimate) agency? OR
        Give GRE/TOEFL and apply for DPT (most conventional approach)
    I do not know when to give GRE/TOEFL as I am going to complete my internship around Feb-June 2020.
    What is the ideal time to get this FCCPT evaluation and CLEP exam?
    What is the prerequisite degree required and other requirements (example professional work experience) to get into DPT or transition DPT (TDPT)?

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