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Choosing Universities and Medical Schools

Asked 5 months ago by Guest (120 points)

Hi! I'm a high school junior starting to examine and research specific universities and colleges more. I'm not 100% sold on becoming a doctor, but it is one of my career ideas. That said, I would love to study abroad and then return to get my medical degree, or even get both of my degrees abroad as I would love to live in Germany or Switzerland. But, how would I go about this? For instance, I'd like to attend Oxford for biochemistry, but is that a sufficient "pre-med" qualification for American universities, or other European universities? Thanks for all your help!

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Answered 5 months ago by Mr.Smile12 (11380 points)

For the US system, first things first: get your undergraduate education but keep your eyes open about where you can apply in the US for medical school.  A word of warning that university education outside the US and Canada is different than within, so many of the admissions committees may require you to get your foreign degree evaluated to see if you have fulfilled requirements and desired courses.  Now if you're that good that you can get a top-merit scholarship at a US university that could include foreign study abroad at Oxford or Germany, that's another option that might work better for you if you intend to apply to US medical schools.

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