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Poor poor GPA from CC

Asked 1 year ago by Guest (120 points)

Hey everyone I know I really messed up and I know this going to be a really long journey but here’s my question.
I’m 27 and decided I want to pursue to be a vet. I have always wanted and I am willing to put in the work. I went to a CC in 2009 and throughout the years I didn’t care and stopped showing up which resulted me in having a 1.6 GPA.
They are all classes that wouldn’t even transfer to a 4 year.  
I have been back since the summer and been passing with an A in my classes. I have only 3 that would be able to transfer.  I know this isn’t the beat spot to be but what do you guys recommend me to do? I would greatly appreciate it!

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Answered 1 year ago by dyachei (1820 points)

Keep doing well in your current classes. VMCAS has an explanation portion for students with bad grades. If you had an extenuating circumstance, I would fill that in. However, if not, don't. A positive trend in grades can be more important. Also, there are many schools that look at the last 45 hours GPA more than cumulative GPA. I would find out which schools ask for what and apply smartly when the time comes.

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