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Asked 1 year ago by Guest (120 points)

I am applying for the 4th year in a row for Veterinary School, I have an interview coming up on Sept 19th.  I was wondering if anyone could think of any questions that they  got during their interviews.  I have a 3.01GPA in my masters program right now and am working on dissecting kinkajou hind limbs to better understand  how they are able to hind foot reverse.  I was wondering (also) what y'all thought my chances are of getting in this year?  My interview is at Midwestern University Glendale


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Answered 1 year ago by dyachei (1820 points)

it's best if you look at the interview feedback portion for specific interview questions. In addition, some schools have certain interview types that they don't allow applicants to share. Good luck!

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