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Coursework Retake?

Asked 1 year ago by Guest (120 points)

I am retaking Inorganic Chemistry 2 this Spring and have just submitted my VMCAS application! I got a "D" in it the first time and am looking to prove I can handle the course. I specified in my transcript and academics sections on the application that I was planning on taking it this spring along with the rest of my courseload for that semester. My question is this: Do schools still consider students who are retaking a course with a "D" if it has not yet been retaken?

Thanks so much for the help!

// Answers //

Answered 1 year ago by Mr.Smile12 (11380 points)

D's are not passing grades, so if you disclose you are in progress with retaking the course, they may hold off any final decisions until your grades come in.  But that depends a lot on the schools and their situation with reviewing applications.

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