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Asked 1 year ago by Guest (120 points)

I'm finishing my application on VMCAS for this year and I'm really stressed. I feel like I have no chance at getting in because I retook most of my courses! my GPA was really low and then I started retaking and I'm standing at a 3.2 but other than that my app is just fine. I was wondering if there's anyone I could talk to about my application and if I need to apply for masters. I searched everywhere for a pre vet advisor and couldn't find anything. it's not pre-vet help in nonexistent :(

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Answered 1 year ago by dyachei (1820 points)

It depends on the school. Some schools are less focused on GPAs than others. So it really depends on where you're applying. I recommend talking to the schools directly for the best information on their acceptance GPAs.

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