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What are my chances?

Asked 2 years ago by Guest (120 points)

Hello, This is my first time using this site to ask a personal question.
I am planning (and hoping) to apply for the Podiatry school cycle this year for Fall 2019 start.
I just wanted to throw out my stats and experience just to get an idea of what my chances are for podiatry school, preferably from those who are also applying/applied/accepted/or rejected. Just looking for feedback that's all!

cGPA: 3.42
sGPA: 3.15
MCAT: **Taking August 31st, 2018, been studying since Feb so I feel strong/confident**

ECs: Volunteer at hospital (~200hrs), licensed pharm tech for 1 year, was writer for campus newspaper, shadowed chiropractor (40 some hours), about to shadow podiatrist next week for hopefully 12 hours (2 days), Worked all four years as undergrad, Worked Federal work study  and held 2 other jobs junior year, 2 jobs senior year.

Letters: This is where I am having some trouble. I am hoping that the podiatrist I shadow will write me a rec. I have 1 science faculty willing to write and 1 supervisor (although I don't know if they'll accept this...).

How I learned about the profession: To be honest, after an info session from a current pod student at my university. I am especially drawn to the surgical aspect of podiatry and working with diabetic patients (diabetes runs in the family so some interest from there). I'm hoping to gain insight from my shadowing and a local podiatry event in my area to learn more.

Background: Although not a racial minority, I am first gen. I have no doctors in my family, no one practices medicine. Female and muslim. I grew up in low income housing, mom used food stamps, took free lunch all the way to 12th grade, and both my parents are immigrants and combined income is very low (won't say exactly). I don't know if any of this is relevant or makes a difference.

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