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New glasses causing issues, help needed

Asked 2 years ago by Guest (120 points)


I'd like some help regarding my glasses if that is okay.

I am 27 and have had a stable prescription of - 4.25 for years. Whilst pregnant I noticed my vision wasn't as clear and has become blurry. I waited 7 months after having my baby and went to the opticians.

My prescription has now changed to - 5.

I have been wearing my new glasses for two weeks now and I feel like they are too strong for me.

The new glasses are giving me headaches, my vision in the distance is great but when watching TV I feel as if everything is too close if that makes sense? Sometimes I need to take my glasses off because it feels too much and I get instant relief. By the end of the day my eyes feel extremely tired and fatigued. I also find my vision is better when I pull my glasses away from my face and lift slightly (not tilted).

Does this sound like my prescription is too strong?

Also whilst having the eye test (which lense is better, this one or this one?) at what point should I say I can see clearly... It felt like the optician just kept going and I'm not sure which line I was supposed to be looking at for it to be the correct prescription... If that makes sense?

Apologies for the long post but these glasses cost me a lot of money and I am not sure if I'm just making a mountain out of a mole hill.

To sum up:
I can see clearly with glasses but it feels far too intense, if I pull my glasses away from face I feel I see better and it "feels" better.

Many thanks

// Answers //

Answered 2 years ago by mark-ER (6700 points)

Sorry to quash this early -- this is NOT a forum to seek medical advice.  But from a customer-service and common sense standpoint, there is typically 'small print' where you can return/get credit for an item, including glasses, where you are not happy.  Seek that direction, re-do your frames/lenses & if that doesn't work get a second opinion, another eye exam.

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