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I'm in Pre-Med but intro to biology (at my university) is difficult for me?

Asked 11 months ago by Guest (120 points)

I have a strong love for Chemistry and Biology, but Biology at my university is ridiculously hard. I heard that for Microbio and Animal Bio (I guess it's consider "Bio 2" or "Zoology" you name it) are not easy, however, doable I guess it is a way to put it? I'm taking those next semester. At any rate, I'm a biochem major so I would have to take some biology courses (along with microbio courses and physiology/anatomy which I took during high school, and it was doable as long as I studied by butt off for it), which I'm fine with. But with Intro to Biology it is just insanely hard... they design it to where it's inhumanely hard. I've taken MCAT Biology practice questions and I do well on those. But with the tests for Intro to Biology... it is insanely hard. Should I just give up my dream of being a doctor because intro to biology is hard?  I might have a C in Biology affecting my overall GPA to go to a 3.5ish, so will med schools look down upon that? Because this spring semester of freshman year has been rough lol. Please help.

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Answered 11 months ago by Renee_MD (660 points)

Definitely don't quit on your dream of becoming a physician! Some courses will be more difficult than others and having the grit and determination to withstand that challenge is what medical schools want to see in their applicants!
That being said, since biology is a pre-requisite course for medical school, I would recommend trying to get at least a B in the course. If you can not make a B now, you may want to retake it in the future.
Good luck to you! Stay strong and keep working hard! This work is in preparation for the rigors of medical school!

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