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Summer Organic Chemistry at Cal State

Asked 11 months ago by Guest (120 points)

Hi! I'm a first-year engineering student at an Ivy League institution, and am planning to take organic chemistry I and II and the associated lab courses at a Cal State school this summer (since my major has a lot of requirements). Would going elsewhere to fulfill my Orgo requirements look bad if I decided to apply to med school?

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Answered 11 months ago by mark-ER (6700 points)

It is not ideal, though the most important thing is that you do well in the class (i.e. at least a B or B+) regardless where you take it.  Basically, O-chem is seen as a 'weed out' class by admin committees to see if you can cut it academically.  If you are at a top-tier Ivy League level institution and you take O-chem at mid-tier or lower institution you may be asked the question 'why'.  That will be particularly true if you do poorly on the physical sciences section of the MCAT.  There are good reasons to do it -- having to be at a specific location for instance taking care of family member who is sick, or taking an extra class while doing an away research internship thru UROP -- and there are bad reasons to do it.  Ultimately members of med school adcoms don't have time to tease things out and generally won't interrogate you, but in an otherwise pristine application it may raise an eyebrow, and again you may be asked if you have a good reason for making that choice.

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