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If I got a B in Gen Chem, will I be ok in future sciences (ochem, physics, biochem??)

Asked 11 months ago by Guest (120 points)

I'm a fourth year student that decided to pursue medicine after a long period of contemplation. I ultimately decided I should at least give it a shot instead of regretting it in the future. I like bio and am good at memorization but struggle with math and chemistry. I took gen chem this semester and worked the hardest I ever did throughout my four years in college. The material isn't necessarily difficult and I did all the practice problems and homework problems but the tests are really conceptual and nothing like the practice problems, which is why I haven't aced a single exam so far. Ultimately I'll be finishing the course with a B or B+ but I question whether this is the right path for me if I already struggle with general chemistry. Will I be able to do better in Physics and Biochem when I can't even get an A in gen chem? (I go to a top 20 school so I'm just hoping my sciences  courses at my postbacc institution won't be as difficult). I ask because Postbacc is very expensive and I don't know if my will and effort alone will help me get into medical school if I struggle in the sciences.

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Answered 11 months ago by Renee_MD (660 points)

I absolutely think that you still have a good chance at the other courses! Switching educational paths can be difficult, and as your first chemistry course, you may struggle! You may also struggle in physics and ochem, as most pre-meds do, but the point is try as hard as you can and keep determined to succeed! That is what it takes to get into medical school!
If you want to do medicine, then definitely stick to this path but you may want to consider taking only 1 of these science courses a semester so that you can fully concentrate your efforts, and do as well as possible!

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