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Organic Chemistry (I & II) Below Average Performance

Asked 11 months ago by Guest (140 points)

Hello. I just wanted to ask for your opinion as to how I should proceed with my upcoming application. My only area of concern on my application is my organic chemistry grades. I graduated from a Top 12 university, have an abundance of both clinical experience and community service experience, and have an above average MCAT grade both overall and within my demographic (82nd percentile, 127 in Chem/Phys, Hispanic). However, I am concerned about the C+ grades I received in both Orgo I and II. While I took those courses as an underclassman and have a significant increasing academic grade trend (finished with a 3.6 GPA and 3.45 cGPA), along with receiving higher grades in both Orgo Lab (B) and Biochemistry, amongst other advanced science courses, I am still concerned that admissions counselors may view these two grades as a major concern and thus disregard my application. Thus my question remains: am I overly concerned about these grades considering the strength of the rest of my application, or should I attempt to take a science course in the fall after submitting my secondaries (would take a course during the summer but would not be possible with my job)? Any response would be greatly appreciated, and I apologize for the lengthy paragraph!

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Answered 11 months ago by Mr.Smile12 (11380 points)

Have you asked anyone at the schools you have considered on how they would consider your organic chemistry grades?  If you did rather well in biochemistry and on your MCAT, and other advanced science courses, I think those C+ grades may not be as critical.

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