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Would postponing the MCAT date affect my chances?

Asked 9 months ago by Guest (200 points)


I scheduled my exam for May 5 because I wanted to make sure that I get my application in as early as possible. I am a hispanic 24 y/o female with 1 year of research in a psychology lab for child anxiety and phobia at the university I attend, and 2 years of clinical experience  (I work in a mental health community center doing psycho-social rehabilitation with the severely mentally ill population). My degree GPA was 3.76(Psychology BA) not sure if that will be relevant, my current cGPA is 3.57 and sGPA I think it is around 3.2 (not good I know) so I am relying on a good MCAT score to really improve my chances. I work full time and have had a few personal issues during these last couple months that have kept me from studying the amount of hours I had planned. I started in January and I am still half way through content review so I don't think(almost sure) I will be ready to take the MCAT in May. My question is; would rescheduling my MCAT for June or ealy July hurt my chances? How late can I take the MCAT considering that the scores take a month to be released and still be ok to apply this cycle? Also, I have read that I can submit my application without the scores, but how would that affect me? Should I just cancel and take it next year to allow more time for preparation?

Thanks in advance.

// Answers //

Answered 9 months ago by tantacles (24340 points)

Taking the MCAT in June or early July would be completely acceptable. My suggestion is that you have your application verified prior to your scores being released; that way, once your scores are released, you can immediately have your application fully submitted, and schools can evaluate you right away. Most schools do not start reviewing applications right when AMCAS opens.

That being said, if you do not feel you will be ready to take the MCAT in June or July and it will still be a rush, it is completely acceptable to postpone further and apply next year.

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