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Biotechnology classes and SGPA

Asked 9 months ago by Guest (120 points)

I took 2 biotechnology classes before. Intro into biotechnology and Regulations of biotechnology. Both classes have the code BTEC instead of BIOL. Would they both still be counted towards sgpa or just cumulative? AAMC has Biotechnology under the Biology list but im still not sure if every biotechnology class will be counted towards science gpa or just some of them or none at all.

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Answered 9 months ago by tantacles (24340 points)

My suggestion is that when you list your courses, you do your best to simply say honestly which classes are science courses based on AMCAS' guidelines. If AMCAS disagrees with you, they may change the categorization of the course, but if the content of the course fits the bill for science, I would list the course as as a science course.

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