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Will this be considered an alarming downward trend and how do my metrics look?

Asked 9 months ago by Guest (120 points)

I am getting ready to apply this upcoming cycle from a top 25 school in California.

I am  Transfer applicant, and I did my first two years at a CC and my last two years at UC Berkeley. So my trend during each year of my undergrad is, 3.88-> 3.74-> 3.68-> 3.9.

-I know that during my first three years, I have a small decreasing trend but I hope it’s not too significant of a drop to be of concern.  At the CC I had the 3.88 and the 3.74, and at UCLA I had the 3.68 and 3.9.

 My overall gpa is a 3.82, and my Science GPA is a 3.74. My mcat is a 513. I also have two W’s on my transcript.

Thank you

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Answered 9 months ago by tantacles (24340 points)

Your trend looks like you've shown steady work and done well during your undergraduate coursework. You are in a good place to apply. I would suggest you apply broadly to a mixture of reach schools, target schools, and safety schools.

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