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Can I take all my pre-reqs at a CC?

Asked 9 months ago by Guest (120 points)

I'm a third year undergrad at a four year university and I also attend a local community college. I'm doing a humanities degree at my four year and taking all of my dental school pre-reqs at community college. I spent my freshman year of college taking gen chem and bio at the four year and was getting really bad grades.(between 2.0-2.5) Ever since I started taking classes at community college I've been getting much better grades(between 3.6-4.0) and I've had more time to be involved with extracurriculars. My freshman year I only spent time studying and was not getting good grades. Going to community college has given me time to volunteer a lot, get published in research, make connections/do research for professors at a top dental school, attend dental conferences, and be much more involved with dentistry. I know that there's obviously people who are even more involved with me in extra stuff outside of academics and are getting straight A's in their prereqs that they take at a four-year. I know that some schools don't accept CC credits at all and that I'm making myself less competitive with my situation. However, are my chances of getting into dental school that do accept CC credits completely nonexistent because of this?  Is it okay to tell dental schools that I wanted to have more time to involve myself with research and volunteering and that's why I didn't take my requirements at a four year? I'm also taking the DAT this summer and spending three months straight on that so hypothetically if I get a very competitive DAT score would that balance out my situation for pre-reqs? Thank you in advance and sorry for such a long post!

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Answered 9 months ago by Mr.Smile12 (11380 points)

While you could probably take your prerequisites at a community college, the applicant pool is full of applicants who did all their prerequisites and upper-level biomedical classes at a four-year institution that your file may easily be overlooked unless you show you are able to handle a heavier, more rigorous course load at a four-year school.  The chief concern for most dental schools is whether you can truly handle the course load that would be equivalent to at least 20-30 semester hours each semester (most undergraduate schedules are 12-15 semester hours in value).  Some schools may accept a higher DAT score as an affirmation of your preparation for dental school but you will likely have to address an admissions committee's concerns on whether your GPA was inflated because your rigor wasn't as strong compared to other applicants they review.

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