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Switched over to Biology/Pre-med, based on the stats provided, what are my chances for med school?

Asked 2 years ago by Guest (120 points)

So as you read in the title, I have switched over to Bio/premed from a business major in the second semester of my sophomore year. I currently have a 3.3 cGPA (low I know). I have not completed any science courses yet so I believe that is a positive (so no existing sGPA, taking first science courses this semester). I am taking  Bio 1 and Chem 1  this semester at my community college and then transferring to a 4 year university next fall where I will take the majority of my pre reqs for med school. I am ready to do whatever it takes in order to get into med school. I was quite lazy so far in college and did not apply myself much which shows in my GPA, but I am ready to get serious. Also because of my switch, I will not be graduating on time. So is it possible based on my situation? Any advice will help, thank you!

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Answered 2 years ago by Mr.Smile12 (11380 points)

With a clean slate when it comes to science courses, I think you know what you need to do: do real well.  Get the science foundation and study skills that will help you with the topics that will ultimately help you in medicine and critical thinking, and gain test taking techniques to do well on high stakes exams like the MCAT and the boards.  You can't be "lazy" with your learning or you will be easily overwhelmed.  Your situation may be similar to those profiled in the AAMC's Aspiring Docs profiles, so I hope you can remain positive and resilient throughout the tough challenges ahead.

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