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What are my chances into getting into med school and what should I do to increase my chances?

Asked 11 months ago by Guest (140 points)

I am a senior getting a bachelor of science in biology  with a overall gpa of 3.97 as of right now. I am working on my last semester graduating this May and applying this cycle. I have a Biology GPA of 4.0  but a science GPA of 3.94 due to taking general chemistry 2 in the summer and acquiring 2 B's. I have little volunteer hours , around 50 hrs total at a clinic, but i have around 400 total hours of shadowing and having an internship with a surgeon during the past 2 summers. I have no extracurriculars and little volunteering due to not having much free time working around 20-30hrs a week and caring for ailing family members. My internship included some research aspects as well as leadership with being a role model to the new and young interns. I have 1 withdrawal during the summer before starting university due to family issues occuring. however i took the class in the fall and got an A in it. I am taking the MCAT in exactly 12 weeks from today, (Is that enough? I am very nervous about it.)I just started studying as i am finally taking a lower course load to balance out responsibilities, work, school and studying for it. However I do not know what score I need to acquire I aim for a perfect score but I am not sure what score I should get and not worry about trying to retake the MCAT if I get at least that specific score that will get me into medical school. I am taking 2 difficult courses only this semester since they are all I need to graduate, I am not sure if hours taken affect my application as I have taken over 15 both my freshman and sophomore year but as my family's health declined and to save money for medical school and emergencies I clepped out of free electives, spanish, business, human development and started taking 12-14 hrs my junior and senior year and now 6.  I  am finishing in a total of 4 years. I do not know how clepping classes affects my application. During my gap year I intend to volunteer and work in  medical related occupation. At the lowest my science gpa could drop to a 3.76 0r rise to a 3.95 at its highest while my overall could drop to its lowest at 3.86 or remain at 3.97. I have heard ethnicity and socioeconomic background plays a role as well but I do not know how being white and living in a middle class family affects it. I am knowledgeable in 3 languages fluent in english but knowledgeable to carry a conversation in the other 2. I have also shadowed a doctor for a year in high school before graduating if that aids in the application in anyway.  I have tried to provide every possible detail to help.  Thank you for all of your time, help, and feedback in advance it is much appreciated.

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Answered 11 months ago by tantacles (24340 points)

Your application overall is great, and a GPA of 3.76 is very good for medical school applications. It is impossible to tell how you will do; your MCAT absolutely determines your success.

If you do not have much volunteering, I would suggest you make 2-3 hours per week to do some volunteering of some sort. It can be any kind of volunteering.

Unfortunately, I do not know what clepping is and I can not advise you on that topic.

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