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Chances of being accepted into pharmacy school

Asked 6 days ago by Guest (120 points)

The gpa at my university is 3.101.  That is not including some of my pre-reqs that I took in high school including Comp 1 & 2.  I retook all of the classes that I did poorly in except one which is cell biology.  However, it is not a pre req for any of the pharmacy schools that I applied to.

English Comp 1: A
English Comp 2: B
Intro Interpersonal Communications: C then retook it and got an A
College Algebra: F my freshman year retook it and got a B
Ethics in Hlth Care: A
History US since 1865: A
Intro Amer Poli: A
Intro to Psychology: B+
Elements in Everyday Chem: B
Gen Chem 1: C
Gen Chem 2: B
World Human 1: A
World Human 2: A
Principles of Biology: D then C+
Botany: B
Cell Bio: D
Organic 1: D *took in the summer then took Org II right after* poor planning
Org II: D+
Org 1 retake: B
Org 2 retake: B
Calc: C retook it and got a C again (UGH!)
Physics: C
Human Anat. 1: B
Human Anat 2: B
Micro lecture: C
Micro lab: A
Microeconomics: B
Stats: A
Intro to public speaking: A
Intro to philosophy: B+
Spanish 1: A

I took my PCAT and did awful. Now it's too late to retake it.
Biology - 418 (69 %tile)
Chemistry - 405 (57th %tile)
Reading Comp - (20 %tile)
Quant - (23 %tile)
Comp - 397 37%tile
Honestly, I ran out of time on both the quant and reading comprehension.

I  work as a pharm tech at both a retail pharmacy (4+ years now) and a hospital (almost 1 year).
Hoping that this will make me stand out.

I have 3 LORs from my organic professor, the head pharmacist at the hospital, and a pharmacist from the retail pharmacy.

I have plenty of volunteer work from both judging science fairs and working to help raise money for low income families affected by AIDS/HIV.

Honestly, I do not know whether I should go ahead and send in my application for pharmacy school this late or go ahead and see what happens.

I know that my grades are not great and my PCAT is awful, but luckily I will be applying to pharmacy schools that do not require the PCAT.

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