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Chances of being accepted into pharmacy school

Asked 11 months ago by Guest (120 points)

The gpa at my university is 3.101.  That is not including some of my pre-reqs that I took in high school including Comp 1 & 2.  I retook all of the classes that I did poorly in except one which is cell biology.  However, it is not a pre req for any of the pharmacy schools that I applied to.

English Comp 1: A
English Comp 2: B
Intro Interpersonal Communications: C then retook it and got an A
College Algebra: F my freshman year retook it and got a B
Ethics in Hlth Care: A
History US since 1865: A
Intro Amer Poli: A
Intro to Psychology: B+
Elements in Everyday Chem: B
Gen Chem 1: C
Gen Chem 2: B
World Human 1: A
World Human 2: A
Principles of Biology: D then C+
Botany: B
Cell Bio: D
Organic 1: D *took in the summer then took Org II right after* poor planning
Org II: D+
Org 1 retake: B
Org 2 retake: B
Calc: C retook it and got a C again (UGH!)
Physics: C
Human Anat. 1: B
Human Anat 2: B
Micro lecture: C
Micro lab: A
Microeconomics: B
Stats: A
Intro to public speaking: A
Intro to philosophy: B+
Spanish 1: A

I took my PCAT and did awful. Now it's too late to retake it.
Biology - 418 (69 %tile)
Chemistry - 405 (57th %tile)
Reading Comp - (20 %tile)
Quant - (23 %tile)
Comp - 397 37%tile
Honestly, I ran out of time on both the quant and reading comprehension.

I  work as a pharm tech at both a retail pharmacy (4+ years now) and a hospital (almost 1 year).
Hoping that this will make me stand out.

I have 3 LORs from my organic professor, the head pharmacist at the hospital, and a pharmacist from the retail pharmacy.

I have plenty of volunteer work from both judging science fairs and working to help raise money for low income families affected by AIDS/HIV.

Honestly, I do not know whether I should go ahead and send in my application for pharmacy school this late or go ahead and see what happens.

I know that my grades are not great and my PCAT is awful, but luckily I will be applying to pharmacy schools that do not require the PCAT.

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Answered 10 months ago by Mr.Smile12 (11380 points)

Your biology-related classes seem to also reflect some challenges.  I'm not sure if that's going to be an issue with some schools but your science GPA is going to raise some concerns.  The PCAT scores also note that you do have some challenges with test-taking.

You need to talk with and network with students at pharmacy schools and have a true heart-to-heart with your pharmacist evaluators.  While things may have changed from when they went to school, they have a pretty good idea about their impressions when they look at your academic record.

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