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What are my chances? Med school admission

Asked 11 months ago by Guest (200 points)

Hello, I am a 24 y/o hispanic female who is only been in the states for 8 years. I got my bachelors in psychology about a year and a half ago. I graduated with honors and with a very decent GPA then I started to take pre med requirement courses and my GPA dropped down to a 3.54 which from what I have heard is not great for med school. My science GPA is even worse 3.1.

    I worked full time throughout all my undergrad and I continue to do so. I volunteered as a research assistant for a year at the anxiety and phobia program at the university I attend and by the time I apply for medical school I am going to have worked with psychiatric patients for two years which I would think is better than shadowing a doctor. I want to become a psychiatrist but I am getting a little nervous about my GPA and my chances to get into medical school.  I have mentioned what I have heard is relevant for medical school admission; ethnicity, gpa, and extracurriculars. I did not include MCAT scores because I have not taken it yet. What are my chances to get accepted? What schools should I be aiming to when the time to apply comes (I live in FL)?

Thanks a lot.

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Answered 11 months ago by tantacles (24340 points)

It is extremely difficult to tell you your chances without an MCAT score. Your overall GPA is good for medical school, but what you get on your MCAT will also determine your chances.

You should apply to all of your state schools and then choose schools that fit your general stat profile if you want the best chance of getting in.

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