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Nursing ( ADN) to MD, how ?, any advise or sugestion would be greatly appreciated

Asked 11 months ago by Guest (120 points)

Little about me,  I am 29 just graduated from Nursing school with the associate degree in nursing, with GPA 3.7. I always was interested in medicine but living in small town ( Nursing school was the only closest option)  and working a full-time job to take care my parents.  English is not my first language ( i speak another 3  ) but  I didn't have any problem graduating from my college.  I started working as LPN and was fascinated by the amount of knowledge our MD has, ( in the facility where I work.)   To make this short,  sometimes halfway through my nursing school I started to realize that I can do much more than nursing, not to offend anyone, my instructors always complimented me, and advised me many times that I should continue my education and become Nurse Practitioner and that was a goal.  As days go by and the more I follow our amazing doctor ( i follow him on my days off just to watch him and learn from him for my own self )  my desire to become a doctor keeps growing bigger and bigger I can't stop thinking about it.  Every one I have talked ( mostly nurses and NPs)   suggesting take the NP route as this route would be a smarter way, but I am not sure if I will be satisfied when I do become NP,  I am not as young as most med school students, I can't afford to make mistakes.  Would it be wise to get my BSN in nursing and get few more additional science classes to meet pre req for med school or just switch and major in Biology or chemistry?  And those who in med school,  does anyone worked part-time ( to help out family) and combined school and studying? ( i know its probably not wise because you will spend most of your time studying  but I just wonder ) . I would like to thank you all in advance,  I just need to know if anyone els have been through this and how did you manage it to make it, what helped you,  and what path you took?

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Answered 11 months ago by tantacles (24340 points)

The main things you need to do to get into medical school are complete all of the pre-requisite courses and get a bachelor's degree (in any field; it does not necessarily need to be in nursing or a science field.). Followed by that, you will need to take the MCAT and do well. this will likely take several years, though many people pursue medical school later in their lives, even into their 40's.

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