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Working full time through undergrad and vet school?

Asked 2 years ago by Guest (120 points)

Hi everyone! So I am 20 years old, work a full time job, have 0 college experience, and am getting married in May of 2018! I have always played with the idea of going to college to get a degree, but never wanted to spend the money if I couldn't see it being worth it. Just two weeks ago after about 6 months of watching Vet Ranch on YouTube, I finally got to seriously thinking about becoming a veterinarian. I had thought about it previously but had always thought myself not good enough or thought it wasn't for me. But for some reason, it clicked in my brain that day. It was like I finally could see my future career in front of me and I knew that being a vet was the job for me!

I will likely be having to do online classes to get the prerequisites for vet school , but there are a few problems/situations. I can't quit my job, as I am supporting myself and my soon to be wife and it just isn't an option I believe. I don't know how much that will matter in my undergrad classes, but I'm unsure about if I get accepted into vet school if I can possibly do both? Also, I know I should have some vet experience of sorts before applying, but do I 100% need experience volunteering and stuff? Not saying I don't want to get experience, but life is busy, and I don't want to stretch myself too thin.

I am determined to become a veterinarian, and I will do whatever it takes to reach my goal. I have more than enough determination to study hard and give more effort than anyone else, because this is the first time in my life (all 20 years of it ;) ) that I have known 100% what I have been called to do. I honestly just need some guidance and assurance that what I want is possible. I have a very good work ethic, and I will try time after time to get into the school because I know it's what I am to do.

Thank you for any advice anyone can give me! I am very nervous about this step in my life, but I am also super excited now that the window has been opened and I see what my future career will be! I am hoping to get all prerequisites done as fast as I can (if they are offered online anywhere) as I don't want to waste time if I can learn at my own pace. I am most likely going to be applying when the time is right to Michigan State Universities college of veterinary Medicine to get my DVM. I kinda relate more to 30 year olds that are going into vet school than my peers as I am supporting myself, and don't have my parents to lean on financially. Again, thank you for any advice!

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Answered 2 years ago by Mr.Smile12 (11380 points)

Congratulations on being interested in veterinary medicine.  I would first point you to the AAVMC website section for interested prospective students: .  I would encourage you to start looking around and shadowing veterinarians, but not just those that take care of pets.  There's a lot that veterinarians do beyond what you might see on the YouTube show, and you need to be as informed as possible about your options to that direction, including options as a veterinary technician (   Take a good look at the profiles and the admitted student statistics; I'm not sure if taking online coursework alone is going to do it, and it is really challenging to be admitted if you don't plan ahead of time.  Talk with the admissions officers at MSU (among other regional vet schools you should also be looking at) as well as some prehealth advisors at MSU who might know more about the vet admissions process.

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