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Post bac help

Asked 9 months ago by Guest (120 points)

I am reaching out in regards to receiving some advice about post-bac admission. I am currently a senior who will graduate with a degree in Neuroscience in spring with a current GPA is 3.1 hoping to graduate with overall undergraduate GPA will be a 3.20. (I would have to receive all A's three quarters to boost my GPA to a 3.30, although I am trying to do that I am also realistic). I have finished Biochemistry (B+) and I am retaking a general chemistry class that I did poorly in freshmen year (C- grade). Throughout senior year I am taking upper level biology classes to prove I can handle rigorous coursework within my major, (Cellular Neurobiology, etc.) My whole entire goal for my senior year is to improve my GPA. I believe a post bac program would be a wonderful opportunity to strengthen my skills, continue with volunteer work, and improve my science GPA, which is extremely low (2.7). My largest mistake was overloading my class load (physics, orgo, cell bio, etc all in the same quarter) and receiving C's. I am a really hard worker and I try to do everything right (go see my professors every week, attend TA office hours, read the textbook, spend hours studying, never miss a day of class, etc). I plan on taking the MCAT when I feel I am ready to take it (most likely March) and applying to post-bac programs fairly early. I have around 600 hours of volunteer experience in the PACU as well as the Hospice unit of a hospital. I have authorship on a paper and involved in many academia clubs. However, I have put all of those on the back burner to really focus on strengthening my GPA. I have met with my academic advisor multiple times on my future because I feel uncertain if I will gain entrance into a post-bac programs. Furthermore, I am reaching out to see if there is any advice you can give me in regards to strengthening my overall application to receive admission into post-bac programs, I am an Illinois resident who is really interested in the Loyola MAMs program, Midwestern University masters program, Rosalind Franklin, Rush Biotech, and SLU Anatomy. I feel really lost on where to go from having such a bad performance in undergrad. I am more interested in DO rather than MD just for reference. I have thought about other career options such as quitting my dream of being a DO or MD doctor all together and perhaps become a podiatrist, pharmacist or Nurse Practitioner. Thank you kindly for taking the time to read this message.

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Answered 8 months ago by tantacles (23340 points)

Improving your GPA is very important. It is hard to say, without the MCAT, what your chances will be, but with a GPA of 3.1 and a low science GPA, your chances would be poor for medical school without a stellar MCAT performance. It is worthwhile to reevaluate your goals now, as getting into medical school may not be feasible.

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