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Asked 9 months ago by Guest (120 points)

I studied abroad for a year and failed both semesters. I had a 3.18 before I left for study abroad. 4 C's in upper level science courses were dragging me down. Now I'm at a 2.57 because of the study abroad grades.

I returned to my University and retook the classes. We have a academic forgiveness policy. I got all As and Bs in the classes once I retook them but my school said the academic policy does not replace study abroad grades so they are still being calculated into my GPA.

What should I do? This is my senior year. I will be finished in December with all required courses besides Spanish 202 so I'm going to take it in the spring along with 3/4 of the classes I got a C in.

However I still don't think my gpa will be above a 2 something before graduation. && it's too low for post bacc..... is there anything else I can do to raise it or better my chances for getting into a post bacc program. I already retook the classes I failed abroad and I'm retaking the classes I have Cs in which will help some if of course I do better which I plan to, but I still don't think it will help much. Any advice????

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Answered 8 months ago by Mr.Smile12 (8220 points)

Did you ever get connected with your prehealth advising office or your career services advisors?  It seems that you have arrived too late to seek their help, so it may take you a while to get to a medical school if that is your desired goal.  You haven't even mentioned trying to take the MCAT, and I think you are wise to determine that your overall academic record needs to show more preparation for the real challenges of a medical education.  You should seek the advice of your career services office and your health professions advisors to get you to determine a realistic goal, and after a few years, you may want to return to preparing for a health professional career after you have gained better insight on your academic preparation for those specific careers.

Now there are plenty of health care careers that you can also consider, and that's why seeking the insight of those advisors can help you construct a plan for what your immediate next goals should be.

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