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Residency chances

Asked 9 months ago by Guest (120 points)


I'm looking for a honest answer here and hoping someone could help me! I've applied to 155 programs both FM and IM; step 1 224, step 2 244, cs pass 1rst attempt, 4 LORs, all USCE, non-US IMG, need a visa. I haven't received any interviews yet. Do you think I have any chance at  residency? and when is it too late to receive applications? I know its really hard to tell because it varies but anything would help Thanks!!

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Answered 8 months ago by tantacles (23340 points)

You have a chance at residency, but your step 1 score is lower than most IMG's will help. It is hard to stratify your chances, but without interviews, you have no chance to match outside of the SOAP. I would reach out to programs and let them know of your interest.

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