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What are examples of academic honors/awards that most secondaries ask for, and what advice would you give to a pre-medical student to enhance this section of the application?

Asked 2 months ago by Guest (120 points)

I'm an incoming Sophomore in undergrad, and I'm just skimming through secondary apps for some of my prospective medical schools. One of the questions that is common to most secondaries (from the ones that I've read through) is a list of academic achievements and scholarships. This question just kind of threw me off guard and made me realize that I hadn't really received any awards/scholarships during my freshman year of college. I was just wondering if you could possibly list a few academic honors/types of awards that you received during undergrad and put on your secondary (if this applies to you).

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Answered 2 months ago by tantacles (17340 points)

Academic achievements can be anything from presenting a poster at a conference to graduating with honors from college. There is no need to fill this section up with extra material. If you have not received any awards, typically you will not be hurt by this; many students are accepted to medical school without any awards.

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