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How should I talk about a repeated class for med school secondaries?

Asked 2 months ago by Guest (120 points)

I had the flu during my sophomore year and I ended up oversleeping for my chemistry midterm. I  had to repeat the class, as I was not allowed to retake the midterm. I have a few secondaries asking me to explain why, so I was wondering what the best way was to present that?

Also, a lot of secondaries have a "anything you want us to know?" section. Is this something I should put in there, or should I just minimize mentioning my repeat of a class?


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Answered 2 months ago by Pathdocmd (2540 points)

I would only write about it if they explicitly ask for it.  The application and the interview are for you to sell yourself, not to draw attention to your problems or application flaws. In answering it, be truthful and matter of fact. Keep it simple and short. They don't want to read a whole page how this changed your life, taught responsibility, etc, etc.

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