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AP credits when creating undergrad schedule?

Asked 2 months ago by Guest (120 points)


I am an incoming college freshman, starting undergrad.  I recently received my AP scores and I am so happy I got  a 5 on AP English Lit and Comp. I would love to totally transfer these credits and not have to deal with comp in college. However, I am a bit worried if medical schools will accept this? Do medical schools accept the AP cred from high school or do they require that you retake the course at your college? idk what the smartest thing to do is? Thank you

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Answered 2 months ago by tantacles (17340 points)

Many medical schools may require you to take an advanced level course to cover your english requirement. I would suggest you check the websites of medical schools you plant to apply to to see if you should take 1-2 more English courses to fulfill their requirements. Every school is different, so this will be on a case by case basis.

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