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Route change from PhD to MD late in the game. NEED HELP ASAP

Asked 2 months ago by Guest (160 points)

Hello all ! So I was originally planning on doing a PhD program (microbiology) once I graduated. I have since graduated and while I was volunteering in a hospital in my down time, I had the privilege of shadowing a doctor that has both his MD and PhD. So I was able to go and see his lab work and also shadow him clinically with patients. I have since decided to change things up and pursue an MD instead, and couldn't be more excited about this transition! I have quite a bit to ask so bear with me!!

 Hence forth, I need insight on the process. Does the volunteer work I'm doing in the hospital (patient transport, mailing work, paper work, news paper/flower delivery, and other delivery services) count as clinical or community service experience? Should I look for something more?
I graduated from my Biology Human Physiology emphasis program with overall GPA of 3.65, I'm currently in line to shadow some more doctors across multiple specialties, and take the MCAT in August.
Since I wouldn't be applying for the start of this fall, I would be applying for next fall. Would a basic EMT course in between help or hinder me? Or was looking to do a masters of physiology or masters of medical science at Loyola.

Also, how does the cycle process work? like if I applied for next fall semester, would I have to apply sooner than later? or would applying next spring be enough? I'm new to all this so any and all input would be helpful!!

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Answered 2 months ago by tantacles (17340 points)

Your volunteer experience is both volunteering and clinical experience.

It sounds like you are preparing yourself well for medical school. I would not suggest an EMT course; unless you plan to practice as an EMT, this course will not be helpful to you; EMT training does not prepare you for medical school and will not put you in a better place. Rather, I would suggest that you start getting research together, take the MCAT, and find a job where you will be involved in the medical field. That could be as an EMT, but it might also be in a doctor's office or research lab.  There is no reason to do an extra master's degree when you could simply work for a year or two in a relevant field and make money while you do it.

It is almost certainly too late to apply for the fall semester of this year, so what I would suggest is that you take a year or two to strengthen your application, find an adviser, and look into what it will take you to apply to medical school. You may have missed some prerequisites in college, or you may need more relevant extracurriculars, and you definitely need to study for and take the MCAT, and all of these things take time and money. Take your time and only apply once.

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