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The ultimate grey area MCAT retake or not to retake

Asked 6 months ago by Guest (120 points)

I received a 511 overall on the MCAT (CARS 130:, Psych/Soc: 128, Bio/Biochem: 126, Phys/Chem: 127). I was very disappointed with this score and really wanted to break into above the 90th percentile range. Historically on practice tests I had performed much better on both Psych/Soc and Bio, and I am a biology major and consider that to be much more my strong suit than Chem, which I have been historically weaker in. At the time of taking the exam I had not yet taken Biochem. I’m very very torn on whether I should retake or not. I am scheduled for the April 22 date as this was the last time before graduation that I could take the tests and not have the scores delay my AMCAS application this cycle. Any advice would be so appreciated I have been going back and forth for months.

GPA: 3.80, BCPM GPA: 3.68

// Answers //

Answered 6 months ago by tantacles (16900 points)

You are not in a grey area. I would suggest you do not take this exam again. You received an admirable score, and with your GPA and MCAT, you stand a great chance of getting into an allopathic medical school provided all of your extracurriculars in order, you write a good personal statement, and you interview well. I would strongly suggest you cancel your test for April 22nd unless taking this exam causes you less anxiety than not taking it. You do not need to retake the MCAT.

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