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Is it possible to specialize on the knee as a podiatrist?

Asked 3 years ago by Guest (120 points)

I'm really interested in sports medicine and I've heard its possible for someone with a DPM to specialize in particular areas of the leg/low extremity. I'm particularly interested in knee surgery, reconstruction, repair, etc. and was hoping to learn if this is possible as a podiatrist. Thanks

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Answered 3 years ago by pacpod (300 points)

I will preface this answer with the fact that I am not a lawyer and my answer does not constitute legal advice in any way. The scope of podiatry does not cover the knee. The scope of practice in most states is some variation on "The foot, ankle, and all governing structures". This does not include the knee but does allow for surgery on the foot, ankle, and sometimes somewhat higher depending on your state's scope of practice. If you have an interest in the knee, you may consider orthopaedic surgery. Best of luck to you in your career.

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