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What would be a valid reason to argue a grade change? C- in Orgo Chem Columbia PostBac

Asked 4 years ago by Guest (120 points)

I am a disabled combat veteran.  I have multiple issues with my medication management this past semester.  Additionally, I scored above the mean on my first midterm, dropped the second (as an option) and score just below the mean on the third midterm.  My final was three hours long and worth 60% of the grade.  Just prior to my final I was having many issues with the VA and can even supply a letter from my Physician.  Because I did poorly on my Final I received a C- in Orgo, a required premed course.  I go to Columbia and am in the Postbac premedical program.  This C- will make in ineligible for committee support and will most likely cause me to be dismissed from the program.  My Dean told me he needed to speak with me early next week.  I am scared.  this is my last semester and have never received a grade this low in my life.  Please advise.  I dont know if I should focus on the mishap of the VA or if I should argue the unfairly amount of weight the final exam was on my final grade and argue for a grade change.  Even a C would keep me in good standing.  Please help me.

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Answered 4 years ago by tantacles (24580 points)

If you did not score high enough on your exam to receive above a C, then it is unlikely that your dean will change your grade. I would suggest that if you need the grade changed that you pull out all of the stops; perhaps you can ask for a retake of the exam. Currently, you have not earned a grade above a C-, and you need to accept that and either fight for your career path as a physician or move on to something else.

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