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I have completed dental school and am registered in India. I have passed the NBDE part 1 this year and will be writing the step 2 soon. My TOEFL scores are 113 (iBT) and ECE GPA is 4.00. 1 year of internship clinical experience. Is this good enough to get me into the advance standing DDS program? If so which schools should I target? Also if i do want to part of a research or help out as an assistant, how do I go about it?

Asked 3 years ago by Guest (120 points)

TOEFL - 113
PART 1 NBDE - PASS ( will be giving part 2 shortly)
ECE - 4.0

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Answered 3 years ago by casedentalmed (10100 points)

It seems that you should be a solid candidate, but you should contact programs that participate in the ADEA CAAPID application.  Ask their admissions offices who may probably get you to the right contacts for your questions, including research/fellowship/observation.

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