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Hello! I'm in the Army and going to apply to F.E. Hebert School of Medicine, Uniformed Services University. I'm almost do with my science prerequisites (career changer). Although, I was granted my Bachelor's and Master's overseas. With that I was told that in addition to having my transcripts evaluated (I already have that done and never got a problem with that before), the school would need to have a U.S. Degree Granting Institution actually award me a Bachelor’s degree based on my transcripts; the institution would have to be accredited to do so. I, also, was told that there are some schools out there that do this quite a bit for the military members.Could you help me by possibly endorsing specific schools/institutions who could help me to resolve the issue? Thank you very much!

Asked 3 years ago by Guest (120 points)

Foreign Transcripts - U.S. Degree - Military Medical School

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Answered 3 years ago by casedentalmed (10100 points)

I don't know which institutions you got your degrees from, but unless you took those classes under a program administered with a US institution, I'm not sure how you would be able to do it.  Otherwise, you may have to talk to some transfer counselors at local universities to see if any of your coursework could be applied towards a bachelor's degree in some major area they offer.  You might have to take some additional classes in order to fully qualify due to general education requirements for graduation.

USUHS did strike an agreement for a postbac program with George Mason University in Fairfax/Manassas, Virginia.  I'd check with the program directors of the EMDP2 ( about this.

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