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How do I go about getting into audiology school?

Asked 3 years ago by Guest (120 points)

I just recently graduated from college. I have a 3.3 GPA average. I am planning on taking the GREs this September. I an trying to study for it as hard as I can so I can get a good score. I talked to an admissions counselor about become a Hearing Instrument Specialist before applying and she seemed really enthusiastic about it. I am currently working at a Hearing aid store as a Patient Care Coordinator (aka Glorified Telemarketer). I interviewed for a Hearing Apprenticeship at Miracle Ear but I am not sure if it is worth it because they said that they pay very minimal and I need to pay grad school fees and student loans. Plus, I have heard that they are more sales driven than they seem. I am not opposed to sales, but I am more interested in the technical and theoretical side to hearing science. I am eager to gain more experience in audiology and do what I love. What should I do at this point?

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Answered 3 years ago by ExpertsManager (700 points)

Thank you for your question.  At this time, none of our SDN Experts have expertise in the area of Audiology School Admissions but we encourage you to ask this question in the Audiology forum - .

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